About Spider Surfboards

All Spider surfboards are shaped by the legend that is Spider Murphy – shaper for 21 world champions.

Aerialite cloth (details below) is used on the boards – super strong, white and flexible.

The blanks are sprayed white before glassing, thus ensuring no discoloration over time!

We do next working day delivery.

All Spider Surfboards include fins, meaning the price you see is what you pay.

If you are getting a new surfboard we can also supply a new board bag and leash.

If we do not have the model and design you want in stock you can place a custom order with us. We offer a 3 week turnaround and delivery to your door even for custom orders. If you are looking for a custom spray on your new surfboard this can also be arranged easily and quickly. Contact us on 01637 851121 or 07737 598032.

All Spider Surfboards are now made using Aerialite

Board Technology is evolving. Aerialite® is leading the evolution and is proud to introduce a breakthrough in laminate technology: we call it the Aerialite System.

This revolutionary composition of Aerialite glass and the new proprietary resin has been created to:

– Ensure maximum strength, minimum weight and minimum discoloration in surfboards.

– Bond to the exclusive Aerialite cloth formula for an ultra-strong and ultra-light finished board.

– Promote state-of-the-art, environmentally-conscious boards with better flex patterns and increased strength at lighter weights than traditional PU/PE surfboards.

– Adapt to either fast or slow hardener or a mixture of both to create intermediate cure times. www.aerialite.com


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