A design that pushes the boundaries of surfboard rocker and concave. Faster, sharper and extremely capable of pushing the limits of hi-performance. This board demands to be surfed hard and aggressively.
Size: 5’8 to 7’6
Spider hides the volume in the boards, which allows you to surf them smaller while still retaining that fine balance between paddle power and manoeuvrability, and the Havoc is no different in this regard. All the extra foam is rolled up and balanced throughout the centre of the board with a pulled in nose that gives you an easy ‘in’ when paddling for waves. The result: the Havoc catches waves easily and doesn’t feel clunky through the turns.
Even the fin placement is set right to the back of the board and on the rail. The combined result of all these souped-up specs is a board that is extremely responsive and accommodating – when you surf it rail to rail.
How it works is like this: The extra rocker allows you to put the board tighter and harder in the pocket, which makes for more explosive turning. When you do this, the Havoc comes into its own and noticeably projects you out of the turn and into the next section with speed to burn. One reviewer described it as having “amazing ping through the turns”, which is exactly how it feels – like when you keep smashing the jackpot on a pinball machine. Similarly, when you put the Havoc on a rail it just drives back at you.


5’0 x 16.3/4 x 2   17.56L Rail 1   25Kg to 35Kg

5’2 x 17 x 2.1/16   19.04L   Rail 1.5   40Kg to 50Kg

5’4 x 17.1/2 x 2.1/8   21.23L  Rail 2   45Kg to 55Kg

5’6 x 18 x 2.3/16    22 84L   Rail 2.5   50Kg to 65Kg

5’8 x 18.1/4 x 2.1/4    24.78L   Rail 3   55KG to 70Kg

5’10 x 18.1/2 x 2.5/16   26.49L    Rail 3.5   60Kg to 75Kg

6.0 x 18.3/4 x 2.3/8   28.36L    Rail 4   65Kg to 80Kg

6’2 x 19 x 2.1/2    31.00L    Rail 4.5   70Kg to 85Kg

6’4 x 19.1/4 x 2.9/16   33 07L    Rail 5   75Kg to 90 Kg

6’6 x 19.1/2 x 2. 5/8   35.21L    RAIL 5.5   80Kg to 95Kg

Please contact us for custom ordered dimensions.

3 week turnaround on custom ordered boards


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